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There are situations in which we need to take on a journey an unusual object, more luggage or use an alternative form of luggage like a cardboard box. In preparation for the flight, we begin to wonder how we manage to check in at the airport, as well as on whether it is even allowed.

If your luggage, makes you can not sleep, the best solution is to check with your airline what kind of baggage is not allowed, what should be their maximum size, or what costs may be associated with its transport.

We’ve collected some luggage travel tips to help you pack without any stress!

  • When traveling, you should register an excess baggage or a larger number of them in advance because many airlines have some restrictions on the amount of luggage (for example up to four pieces). It is possible to register the luggage online, as well as at the airport – which is more expensive.
  • Cardboard boxes are as usually tolerated, but to ensure the safety of their transport, they must have a robust security – however, can not look strange, sealed with meters of adhesive tape! Items inside the boxes must be protected against movement, to prevent their destruction.
  • Sometimes sending packages by post is much cheaper than overpaying for an additional excess baggage – you should consider this option, especially when you are planning a longer trip. Also, the sum of payments for each other piece of luggage can be higher than the value of the cargo. For example, excess baggage rates in the low-cost airline as Transavia, averaging €35 – €80 depending on the quantity, but at the regular carrier as Aer Lingus, it is a cost of €75 and upwards.
  • Tend to be also an additional embargo on luggage on flights to certain locations or at certain times of the year, so you should make sure before you travel, what and in what quantities, you can carry.
  • If you are traveling with a few people, it is wise to divide the excess luggage between fellow travelers – it will be cheaper. Shared use of excess baggage is usually permitted between passengers who are traveling on the same reservation and together are passing the briefing.
  • Some items do not have to be packaged, and also they can be transported free of charge – these are collapsible strollers, baby car seats, pushchairs, baby travel cots or appliances mobility aids like wheelchairs.
  • Checked baggage in most cases is included in the price of the flight, although more often the regular lines also introduce additional charges for luggage.
  • Weight limits and quantitative vary depending on the class of travel (economy, business, first), and the route of our particular flight.
  • Luggage exceeding permitted limits is regarded as excess baggage and must be paid according to the price list.

Special luggage and how to deal with them

If you want to carry a large, irregularly shaped, or vulnerable to damage luggage (such as a bicycle, surfboard, snowboard, skis, musical instruments, etc.), it is necessary to report this fact before the flight (usually at least 48 hours before departure).

The price of carriage of hold baggage, sporting or music equipment vary depending on the airline or route. Not without significance is their size and weight.

Transportation of music or sports equipment may be priced within the excess baggage, sometimes it is accounted within the ticket price as checked (upon prior notification), or there are additional rates an average of €12 to €70.

Preparing the luggage for the flight, remember a few important principles:

  • jewelry, small electronics, money, keys, medicines, documents and other valuables always put in carry-on baggage;
  • wrap delicate items with a soft cloth or paper – to protect them from destruction;
  • weigh the luggage before leaving the airport – you will avoid excess baggage charges;
  • secure the luggage from damage using special films, tapes, and covers;
  • remove the label baggage from previous trips – you will avoid mistakes like sending luggage to another airport;
  • tag your luggage badge with your contact data (you can get them at check in);
  • tag your luggage with a characteristic element as the sticker or ribbon – to prevent confusion at baggage reclaim.


 luggage travel tips - flight hacks

Luggage, regardless of its form, it is a convenient way to transport our stuff, but should always take into account the regulations of the carriage, which are intended to serve all travelers.

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