How to prepare for a long flight

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A short plane trip, for most of us, is pure pleasure, which kinda makes us enjoying the view, eating a snack or have a nap time. If, however, awaits us a long flight, which in the case of transcontinental flight lasts about 8-9 hours, and in the event of travel such as from London to Australia – up to 22 hours it is worth to be well prepared!

The incessant roar of the engines, boredom, health complaints or prolonged sitting without moving, are only a few inconveniences that may wait for us during a long flight. We gathered a handful of tips on how to prepare for the long trip to make it more pleasant.

What is the difference between economy class, business, and premium?

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The most popular, without a doubt it is economy class – it is the cheapest option. Place in the economy class, in recent times, looks pretty good, although it should be prepared for little space, for example, stretch your legs. If the flight lasts longer than 6 hours, the lack of a few extra centimeters can give a life a misery. For example, economy class, in one of the most comfortable airlines Emirates, during a flight from Warsaw to Shanghai at the cost of about £430, offers:

  • comfortable seat
  • a free Wi-Fi
  • electrical outlets at every seat,
  • service of mobile phones and data roaming,
  • the ability to listen to music and watching movies,
  • mood lighting,
  • nice variety of meals,
  • facilities and entertainment for the youngest passengers.

In many airlines, these extra “pleasures” can be purchased on board. Air New Zealand in their economy class proposes, for example, additional service Skycouch, where the row of three seats can be folded to create a bed – for flying as a couple, third place can be purchased for half of the price, and you can enjoy the convenience of rest in a lying position.

An attractive solution is the premium economy class – variously called by individual lines. At the price it includes several facilities for passengers as wider seats, bigger screen, more space for luggage or better food (greater variety of dishes and drink extra) – all of this is variable, depending on the airline.

Business class is an entirely different story. From drinks served in the glass after the space around the seat, everything is better here. Some lines offer along with the ticket the car with a chauffeur, an additional waiting room, free drinks and snacks and a fully equipped bar on board.

The first class is reserved mainly for celebrities and wealthy people. All the luxuries that offer a business class, here are two times greater. This class gives at the disposal of the passenger compartment often looks like a luxury apartment, top quality service and fulfillment of all wishes. For example, flight the airline Etihad from London to Abu Dhabi in the first class costs about £14,000 one way.

Apart from airline Emirates to the most comfortable airlines in the world, include Swiss Int. Airlines, Lufthansa, Aegean Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines and Air Berlin.

How to choose the most comfortable place on the plane?

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The basis is to book in advance, and then we have a chance at selecting the most appropriate location. For the highest level of comfort during the long flight explore a few tips:

  • Have enough of legroom – especially if you are tall. The best, in this case, will be business class, in the economic is worth to trace the distribution of seats on the plane, which will operate the flight and choose the ones that give the most space.
  • When you have problems with agoraphobia, ideally will work the place from the side of the alley, in turn, when you love to watch the sky – flight by the window will be an unforgettable experience.
  • For people with bladder problems, for the pregnant women or children,  you should choose a place not far from the toilets. The only downside may be here any unpleasant odors.
  • If you book a flight at the last minute, and you want to have more space, choose a place next to those that are not yet reserved – it often happens in unpopular routes or the not too favorable hours.
  • If you are afraid of turbulence, the most convenient place are the places on the wing, because here, shocks, are the least felt by passengers.
  • Ask for a transfer to business class – it is possible, completely free of charge if there are not many passengers, after an earlier briefing, or if you are simply well-dressed and polite – just ask!

What about meals during the flight?

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Meals on board is an important issue, especially during the long flights. Their type, and whether they are included in the ticket price, depend on the airline and the flight class.

  • In the economy class, meal sometimes is associated with an extra charge, while business and first class can count on free food.
  • At the scheduled carriers meal in economy class is included in the price of the flight. In the transcontinental flight’s regular lines, passengers receive in the ticket price, a hot meal – dinner or supper and breakfast – depending on the time of day and length of the flight.
  • The dishes served on board the plane are often a national cuisine of the destination country.
  • Airlines are increasingly asking for information about the particular needs of passengers, so to choose meals are kosher, vegetarian or gluten-free. Sometimes selecting a meal other than the basic, we can expect something much better – a kosher meal can provide the steward of the first class.
  • On offer, there are also special meals for the children or nursing women.
  • In business class, are served most often the meals of excellent chefs, served on porcelain tableware.
  • Regular airlines at a price of the ticket purchased, also offer a free alcohol, but in certain airplanes carriers, (like Muslim) alcoholic beverages and some foods may not be available.

Some additional tips!

  • De-stress before the flight – go to the gym, go for a walk or read a book.
  • Bring a small traveling pillow – this is invaluable help during the long routes.
  • Remember to take earplugs – noise reduction will help to survive the journey relatively peacefully.
  • Create a cozy corner for the flight to feel comfortable.
  • Take the blindfold – if you fly during the day, it will be easier for you to take a nap.
  • Remember about comfortable clothes – the best is clothing in layers.
  • Take advantage of the entertainments available on the board – listen to music, watch videos, relax.
  • If you chilly, do not be afraid to ask for a blanket – in the end, not without reason, they are available on each aircraft!
  • Stretch time to time, go to the toilet – remaining in one place for hours can be hazardous to your health.
  • Drink water – irrigation during the long journey is crucial.
  • Make friends with the crew – being nice, you can count on preferential treatment and numerous bonuses!
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