How to travel by plane with your pet – tips and tricks

How to travel With Pets - travel hacks

Are you taking your beloved dog or cat in your journey? Not sure how to prepare? What documents will be needed? Below you will find an essential travel hacks on a plane trip with a pet that will allow you to enjoy the flight!

No documents no travel!

Each country and airlines have their separate regulations on the issue of the transport of animals, but among the most important documents – on both national flights as well as international, are:

A complete veterinary documentation – before the planned trip it is necessary to visit the veterinarian. Some of the provisions require a blood test performed at least six months before departure, which will be the evidence of effective vaccination against rabies. In the case of lack of relevant documents and health certificates of your pet, the animal can be stopped or subject to quarantine upon arrival.

The vet will advise what requirements must be fulfilled to travel safely with a pet. Most important ones are:

  • blood tests
  • vaccinations
  • integrated circuits for identification
  • Health certificate or “Certificates of Veterinary Inspection”, often required by the airlines and the countries of destination.
  • Acclimation Certificate – document comes provisions on hot and cold weather extremes;

Among the additional documentation you may be needed as well:

  • confirmation of feeding (food and water before the flight), the principles of animal care (instructions for operating airlines)
  • consent forms calming (vet)

Some medical documents as “Certificates of Veterinary Inspection”, may be limited in time, so it is advisable to verify this fact, especially in the case of longer trips. Before each trip with the pet, it is worthwhile to update the requirements for the transport of animals in the airline.

Preparation for the flight

Think about how your pet will travel because there are three options:

  • on board, placed under the seat
  • transported as luggage
  • shipped as cargo

Animals are treated differently depending on how they are traveling. On board may enter only small dogs and cats, traveling in special cages placed under the seat – they require constant supervision of the owner.

Traveling in baggage or cargo also requires a proper cage, which provides optimal space for the pet. Animals are not subject to the verifications as in the case of hand baggage, and flight in a quiet part of the aircraft may be less stressful for them than staying in the cabin.

The fee for carriage of the pet depends on its size and type of flight. Fly around Europe with a dog with a weight up to 8 kg in the cabin costs an average of €50. In the baggage compartment, this amount will be about €100 for medium size pet and €200 for a large animal. Intercontinental flights are more expensive compared with the above, so prices are rising suitable to €70, €150 and €300.

It is worth to know the rules for the carriage of animals in the airline:

  • often, there is a possibility the take care of animals by the owners or by the staff of airlines
  • you should know how many animals is acceptable and what breeds of dogs are allowed
  • most airlines have separate regulations for the carriage of animals at certain times of the day or year.

Each air travel, even short domestic flight are associated with noise, control, congestion, delays and stress to people, let alone for a pet. It is, therefore, necessary developing a plan of the trip, which will predict the different situations that can cause anxiety in pets.

To keep in mind

The animal is a sensitive creature, so you should take care of its maximum comfort. The most stressful part of the trip is the loading and unloading so the first flight, can be traumatic, so you should remember to:

  • book tickets quite early, making sure on the issue of animal transport; the best solution are direct flights
  • avoid flights that may appear extreme temperatures – e.g., trips to hot countries will be more tolerable at night
  • purchase a suitable cage for transporting your pet, it must be comfortable, that allows moving freely
  • the use of sedatives is not always suitable for pet, medication may harm it during the flights, so the issue of possible specifics, you should always consult with a veterinarian
  • before the departure should remember to take your pet for a walk and give a light meal 2 hours before the start
  • come to the airport quite early – most often about 2-4 hours before departure
  • make sure that the pet has on the collar and a cage appropriate identification for emergencies; it is also good to have a picture of your pet with you

What if traveling companion is not a dog or a cat?

Animals other than dogs and cats may be subject to entirely separate rules, such as turtles do not require certificates of vaccination, but you can not travel to the US with the amount of more than six turtles, up to 4 inches.

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