The best dishes you have to taste while you’re in Europe

The best dishes you have to taste while you’re in Europe - travel hacks

Holidays abroad aren’t just an opportunity to explore foreign culture, but also to discover new tastes. Europe – favorite tourist destination not only because of cheap flights tickets – is the best place to do it. Here are our picks on the best food served on this continent.

Paella in Spain

Made with short-grain rice and cooked with different types of meat, seafood and vegetables, paella guarantees a true feast for any foodie. It comes from Valencia, where traditionally it is prepared over an open fire in an aromatic smoke of oranges, pine branches and pine cones.

Pizza in Italy

Italian cuisine is well known and loved all over the world. However, when it comes to pizza, the best one you’ll ever eat is right in the country it originated from. It’s delicious anywhere in Italy, but you should really try the one served in Naples.

Pierogi in Poland

Traditional Polish dumplings come in many different tastes and types. The most popular are the ones with potatoes, sauerkraut or meat. Usually served with onion and cream they will keep you full for long hours.

Palacinky in the Czech Republic

If you’re on a multi stop flights trip, your next destination should be Czech Republic. Here you can taste the delicious rolled-up pancakes filled with fruit jam. And as long as you’re in Prague, don’t forget to try pilsner beers – the most famous beverage in this area.

Goulash in Hungary

This Hungarian dish, called a ‘shepherd soup’, is similar to a stew, but it’s not as thick. Served with chunks of meat, potatoes and vegetables, it offers a variety of flavours you’ll fall in love with.

Haggis in Scotland

Locals love it and so do tourists as long as they aren’t put off by the way it is prepared. Haggis is in fact a sheep’s stomach stuffed with oats and spices. It may not sound too nice, but the dish is actually very tasty. Don’t hesitate to try it.

Pot-au- feu in France

This stew with chunks of meat and vegetables used to be served during the cold season. It is said that it was filled with new ingredients to replace what had been already eaten. All winter long.

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