The best ways to travel between European countries

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Travel is a great adventure, and there is no denying that the essential aspect of it, is the means of transport, which we choose. Among the options we can distinguish plane, train, bus, hitchhiking, or even ride a bike. Therefore the choice can be quite difficult.

To meet this problem, we have prepared a list of the most popular travel solutions, useful during the journey around Europe!

Travel by plane

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The plane is theoretically the fastest transport option, nevertheless, can sometimes be the most expensive. However, there are many low-cost airlines like Ryanair and Wizz Air, where booked well in advance tickets can be purchased at very bargain prices, e.g., cheap flight from Brussels to Madrid can cost £17. You should be aware of the additional cost associated with flights additional paid for luggage, the use of non-European credit card when buying tickets, transfer from the airport to your destination or any other charges that may occur increasing the cost of travel.

To take advantage of low-cost flying on maximum, beyond the pre-booked flight, you might want to follow the current occasions using the options offered by newsletters, or by using flight search engines like ours.

Train journey

traveling by train - flight deals

Traveling by train is one of the most exciting ways to travel around Europe. The use of this means of transport allows reaching the center of the city of destination. Trains often are equipped with restaurant cars, have large windows through which you can take pictures, and most of all, they give much more space than a bus or plane. Their undoubted drawback is the ticket prices. A similar route from Brussels to Madrid can cost from £239.

You can take advantage of discounts on rail travel, but they concern mainly children and students under 25. Purchase tickets in advance also allows to gain up to 50% discount, but often it is necessary to make a booking for 2-3 months earlier.

On the way by bus

traveling by bus - cheap flights

Depending on the country where you are, the bus can be a principal means of transport. In most European countries, buses are the cheapest and most common way of traveling. A ticket from Brussels to Madrid can be purchased for around £95, but reserved in advance can be significantly less expensive.

An excellent way to save money are bus trips with tourist groups. Costs also vary widely, depending on the season. It is also possible to count on much discounts such as for the students. Trips by bus are not the most luxurious, but sometimes it’s worth it.

The journey into the unknown – Hitch-Hiking

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Sometimes, the adventure of life, you can experience totally free, but hitchhiking also has its dark sides. In Europe, a trip like that is hugely popular, but it is worth to play safe keeping in mind that the stranger does not have to stop to give us a ride.

Travel tips

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As you can see, each type of transport has its advantages and disadvantages. In some European countries, one outweighs the other, which is why we have compiled for you a few examples:

  • Western Europe is the kingdom of hitchhiking, but in the East, it is better to put on buses and trains.
  • From the islands, such as from London to Paris cheapest way to travel is by plane – ticket prices start at £38.
  • From France to Germany and countries of Western Europe, the more favorable will be traveling fast trains. An example journey from Paris to Munich will cost about £39 when booked in advance, and from Berlin to Prague, it will be only £29.
  • Transfer to the Ukraine or Lithuania, most beneficial will be by bus. From Cracow to Lviv, you can, in fact, go even for £15.
  • If you are planning to visit several countries, a great option, might be multi-city flights, you can find deals on five flights even for £40.
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