Top 5 destinations in Europe perfect for your stag party

Stag Party is a special moment in the life of every guy who plan to tie the knot. This is the time where you have to go crazy! The perfect way to celebrate the last moments of freedom is a trip to one of the most attractive destinations in Europe, which will allow experiencing unforgettable moments among buddies!


Berlin, Germany - travel hacks

This city is an artistic and cultural center, which is full of life, and the beer pours with streams in here, which is why every man will appeal to the place! It is worth to book a flight for yourself and companions of fun (flight deals starts from £4), and go on an unforgettable bachelor party.

What can you do there? Among the reasons for choosing this place are:

  • Berlin is home to over 100 different football clubs! That is why the match in good company will be a great prelude to an evening of clubbing.
  • Forget the public transport and taxis which are expensive! This city is ideal for a bike, where can you watch the original streets masterpieces!
  • It’s a mecca for artists, which guarantees numerous attractions such as concerts, exhibitions and underground clubs for almost every subculture.
  • Don’t like bikes? Put on the water buses during the coolest stag weekend!
  • If you like to tour with a bang, extremely attractive for the male group will be Teufelsberg called the Mountain of the Devil. It’s an artificial hill, created after gathering in one place the rubble of World War II, hiding not only the fantastic panorama of the city but located in the interior, never completed the Nazi University of Technical.
  • At night bachelor party, the ideal place will be the club SO36, which is one of the craziest places in Berlin! The bartenders in the hospital coats, changing every half hour the climate of a party and sugar cubes soaked in alcohol served at the entrance, make it impossible to forget this place!



This every year more and more famous city, which is a great alternative to Berlin. The place is teeming with life, is full of students, good beer, and clubs, which have a unique atmosphere. Cracow is a great place where you can go crazy during the stag:

  • Perfect idea to start a bachelor party is a Shisha Bar on the Small Market. It is a place where into a relaxing party mood will bring jointly smoking shisha during belly dancing show!
  • Stunning Old Town, it is best to visit during night rides in a horse-drawn carriage that will take a team of buddies to the club for a wild party!
  • An excellent time ensures many Cracow clubs like Prozak or Rdza, where you can enjoy sensational till morning, and beer cost from 1-2 euros!
  • Spicy events in the go-go clubs in the company of hot dancers where gentlemen will not complain is an attraction for hunters female charms, perfect for the bachelor party!
  • For fans of the original location for parties, Cracow has a party tram! Party with a tour of the city – the perfect solution!


Ibiza, Spain

The partying Mediterranean island is the perfect place for a wild party on the last night of freedom. Gentlemen will be delighted to fun in the rhythm of the best music that is played by the most famous DJs in the world. Here are the other attractions of Ibiza ideal for a crazy stag trip:

  • Before the party, you can visit here some unusual places like Necropolis del Puig des Molins, where there are ancient tombs.
  • The Old Town, the Castle and the Cathedral UNESCO World Heritage UN help unwind in a unique atmosphere insular Spain – it is another great option for fans of tourism.
  • This is a place created for lovers of extreme sports, in particular, you can go crazy in water sports! Excellent option for the male group will be fun on the water scooters, which are just begging for a ride!
  • If you are already in Ibiza, seafood is what it’s worth a try. Excellent paellas and other specialties can be found in Comidas Bar San Juan or Ca N’alfredo.
  • On the unforgettable bachelor party, you might want to go to clubs like Ushuaia, Pacha, Privilege, Space, and much more!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city famous for relaxation and exceptional pastries. It’s the perfect place where shall delight themselves fans of techno and trance, but also other climates music – need only to look for it. Bachelor party in Amsterdam is an opportunity to do a lot of cool things like:

  • Thrill seekers will love the fun in The Target Shooting, where they can have the opportunity to shoot a real gun, pistols, and guns!
  • Beer fans can enjoy the golden liquor in many local breweries like Brouwerij ‘t IJ, which offer cheap beer straight from the tap!
  • In less than €39 per person, bachelor’s can take a Boat Cruise, where, during a cruise along the famous Amsterdam canals will be able to enjoy the fun and unlimited drinks!
  • Gentlemen especially will appeal the Red Light district, where strip clubs are truly world class.
  • This is a place full of sex shops, brothels, and peep shows – which may not take a fancy by brides. Supposedly, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam…


Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, you can have fun great, and at the same, this place is very cheap. Hence the party to celebrate bachelor party will not cost a fortune, cheap flight to Budapest can cost from £13, and the whole journey will remain in the memory! Here are some arguments for the excursion to Hungary:

  • Culinary fans can take advantage of exciting attractions offered by places like Főzőiskola – a cooking school for tourists. All day course will explore the secrets of Magyardom kitchen, and one thing is sure – it will be what to eat!
  • Alcohol in Budapest is the cheapest among European cities – according to estimates it would cost up to £20 in total, for a set of drinks such as a glass of wine, a bottle of good beer, Mojito, and Cosmopolitan and shot!
  • Alcohol is also indeed strong, but when you get a troublesome hangover, you can choose to relax in one of the local hot springs like The Széchenyi Thermal Bath – do not forget the swimsuits!
  • Budapest is a city of the original pubs like Szimpla Kert, which were created in the ruins of abandoned buildings, giving them a unique atmosphere.

Now is brainstorming time gentlemen! It remains to choose the most attractive option for your team – let the groom will remember this night for a long time!

Ps. Everything that will happen can remain your little secret!

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  1. Paul

    Nice list! I have not been to many stag parties, but the one that I remember best surprisingly took place in Warsaw. It was one of my college friend’s party and it was amazing. We went to a great night club, New Orleans. It was elegant and classy, not like a typical club. Dancers were incredible, very talented and gorgeous. Everybody was impressed, especially the groom:)

    2 years ago Reply 23

  2. Adam

    Apart from Cracow I would also recommend the polish capital – Warsaw. It is really modern city with tens of amazing clubs and pubs to choose from! The place where I have been to my friend’s stag party was the New Orleans Club. We went there, because we read some great reviews and opinions about it, and they were true. The place is classy and elegant and their dancers are so beautiful! It is a perfect destination for a stag party, a really any kind of a men’s night out!

    2 years ago Reply 23

  3. Gary Belly

    Don’t forget Warsaw! It’s the best city to party in the whole Poland. Capital usually offers the best services. If you were there you must visit the New Orleans club! They have prepared really good offers for stag parties, differing in prices and services. And the club itself is really premium, a place for real gentlemen! 🙂

    1 year ago Reply 23

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