Travel Hacks: How to Manage Pre-Flight Anxiety?

Are you just before the first flight in your life? Or maybe you have already traveled several times and thought of going back on board seasoned you the creeps? Fear of turbulence, crash or failures of aircraft, often makes us thinking about flying as the worst nightmare. Regardless of whether you are afraid to fly, or if the very thought of boarding scares you, sit calmly and review our tips to overcome stress and prepare mentally for the flight and the whole trip. You are not alone, and with the following ideas, you will certainly be able to overcome fears before flights, in the end, they will be a much more enjoyable experience.

A few days before the scheduled flight …

How to manage pre-flight anxiety?

The most important is a correct preparation and taming anxiety, so if you’re in a panic when you just think about the flight, do not let it scare you and make you feel overwhelmed – in return get ready for departure:

  • For a few days or weeks before the flight you shouldn’t check the weather too often – forecasts can change over several days, even several times, so if you worry about the inclement weather during your trip do not check them all the time. Bad predictions that may come in advance, completely unnecessary may increase your fears.
  • Packaging and preparation for travel, make accordingly earlier. With luggage, documents, tickets and other small things prepared as they should a day before the flight, you will not be so stressed out on the day of departure. Preparation is the key to relieving the nerves – in a rush, the stress only deepens.
  • Bet on a lot of physical activity and limit caffeine. Workouts and movement help to manage our fears, thanks to the hormones of happiness, and good humor through physical activity allows us to look more positively at the upcoming flight. Limiting caffeine can alleviate tension and stress – too much caffeine deepens the state of anxiety.
  • If your fear begins to overwhelm you, and sometimes you have to fly, probably may prove to be invaluable to go and get some professional help. The psychologist will help you find the best solution for you.
  • Trust the aviation industry – flying is the safest form of travel! Discomfort and loss of control may result in the closure at high altitude – many of us are experiencing mild claustrophobia, but it is the fear easy to overcome. The chance to participate in a plane crash is like 1 to 3 million! If you still have concerns, before your flight, read about aviation and how can the planes fly, where turbulence comes from, etc. – knowledge allows you to explain any phenomena you are afraid of rationally, and it will help you to overcome the stress of flying.

When you’re on board …

How to manage pre-flight anxiety?

Once you managed to get to the airport, you went the whole briefing happily, and you’re on board the aircraft which is taking off, the panic often takes on you with a double strength. If you dream about surviving the next few hours, here are some tips to help soothe the nerves during the flight:

  • When boarding, introduce yourself to the flight attendants and let them know about your flying problems. Thanks to that they will pay particular attention to you and will help you in case of any problems during the flight.
  • If you want to feel a little bit better by reducing the feeling of closure, use the airflow – the air flow will allow you to relax and reduce stress during the flight.
  • During the trip, try to have different activities. Make sure that you have enough absorbing your attention options as books, newspapers, magazines, favorite movies or TV series, games and other attractions. While being busy, the time will pass faster, and the flight will remain a pleasant memory. Most carriers offer interesting videos from take off to landing so that you will find something for yourself.
  • When you’re on the plane, do not go crazy with coffee, sweet drinks, and alcohol. All these delicacies can make your fears may gain on strength. If you want to calm down and relax ask for tea like chamomile or from lemon balm herb, smell sachet with lavender or chew gum. As for the alcohol, if it allows you to calm down – drink it responsibly. There is nothing worse than getting drunk during the flight – a drunken passenger is not a nice attraction for anyone, including himself.
  • Just breathing – is one of the easiest methods to calm down and lower the panic. Proper, conscious breathing through the nose and exhaling through the mouth allows you to control your nerves in the most difficult moments.
  • If you are afraid of turbulence, sit in front of the airplane, because there they are much less noticeable. Choosing a location in an aircraft may be of great importance for you. If you feel better looking at the view from the window – just pick the place with window, in turn, if you prefer to sit in the middle, because that is where you feel the safest – book your seat just right there.
  • The perfect medicine for stress when traveling by plane is just sleeping. If you can calm down and fall asleep, create a comfortable position, listen to soothing music and just sleep like a baby. Night flights can be the best option for you – they pass much faster when you sleep calmly, and your fears will leave you with a happy landing.
  • Sometimes the greatest fears are caused by the noises that are produced in the plane, so if you want to feel more comfortable while traveling, get earplugs that will drown out unwanted sounds.

As you can see, there are many options for relieving the nerves, anxiety, and stress associated with flying. Do not let yourself be overcome by fears and remember that many beautiful places are waiting for you to come to them by plane!

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