Travel insurance: tips, tricks and hacks

Travel insurance is the least enjoyable part of preparations for departure. On the one hand, we do not like to spend money on it, but on the contrary, however, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Particularly important is the provision in the insurance when we are planning to flight abroad because, in the absence of any additional security, we can run the risk of really high costs.

What should you do before you choose an insurance?

Very often, with the momentum, we choose travel insurance, which is suggested to us when buying tickets for a flight or purchase of an organized tour. As it turns out, we are not obliged to use exactly this particular option. Therefore, it is worth to take into account several trinkets:

  • Check, if you already have an assurance on travel – very often this kind of insurance we have do not even being aware of it! Some credit cards, bank accounts, home insurance and other additives of this type contain some additional bonuses, including insurance exactly in the case of the trip. They probably will not work for longer travels, but for short trips can be just perfect!
  • Find out what medical costs cover your insurance! – It is important to choose the level of medical care adapted to the nature of the trip. If you are going for the usual holiday, you do not have to look for special insurance packages for people who spend time practicing extreme sports, etc.. It is essential to coverage of medical costs was appropriate. The costs of hospital day spent in European countries varies from 2 euros (Slovakia), and up to 1,000 euros in Austria.
  • By paying a little more you can gain a lot more – insurers offer several levels of security, very often with a relatively small price difference. Sometimes it worth it to pay extra to get peace of mind when traveling.

What is covered and what is not covered by travel insurance?

Travel insurance tips and tricks

Travelers often think that buying basic insurance for flights to various corners of the world will be sufficient, but they are wrong – the insurer does not have to cover the costs associated for example with the volcanic eruption in the place of which we went!

The basic elements covered by the insurer are included in the contract, and any exclusions (which usually is much more) can be traced even written a small print.

What should include the travel insurance:

  • access to 24-hour emergency infoline,
  • cover the cost of lost or stolen property,
  • medical insurance, also covering serious injuries, hospitalization, and sudden illness,
  • reimbursement of travel expenses in case of resignation or early return,
  • for lovers of risky sports etc. additional protection for the eventuality of accidents linked to them,
  • cover the cost of returning home.

Some insurance companies may cover the costs associated with unfortunate accidents (including those associated with disability and death), the bankruptcy of travel agencies, etc.

What travel insurance does not cover:

  • some of the reasons for cancellation of the departure,
  • diseases and other conditions that occurred before buying insurance,
  • travel expenses, if the objective is to obtain medical treatment outside your home country,
  • inclement weather,
  • some of the high-risk activities (scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc. usually require additional insurance)
  • losses due to the act of war etc.,
  • losses associated with sexually transmitted diseases or abortion,
  • injuries caused by a mental disorder or nervous disorders,
  • losses related to nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination,
  • losses incurred due to illegal activity and as a result of causing intentional injury,
  • losses incurred while being under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Each insurer, however, has its individual exclusion list, which it is worth to verify before the flight journey.

Some additional interesting facts about a travel insurance

What to do if the price for hospitalization is bigger than traveler insurance?

cheap travel hacks

When choosing the travel insurance, it is necessary to verify the sum insured for the cost of hospitalization in the country to which we are planning to flight. If this amount is insufficient, you will need to pay from your pocket.

What to do in an emergency situation, which occurs during the trip?

In the first place, it is best to call the alarm center, where one can get information about the nearest places where we can request the assistance.

Costs of outpatient treatment usually must pay from your pocket, and after returning to the country apply for their refund – unless the visit is taking place at the institution indicated by the alarm center.

Medical transport is covered by the insurer from a refund, so it is worth before using it to check how the insurer defines it.

How can you get back the money from the insurer when we covered medical expenses from our pocket?

After the treatment, we get the bill, which must be made promptly. Paying for it ourselves, we can apply for a refund – it all depends on the findings, which provide general insurance conditions.

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