Traveling abroad by car – tips and tricks

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For comfortable traveling around the world, you can choose from the many transportation options like cheap flights, multi city flights, trains or buses. But those who wish to visit the unusual places and to feel free, with certainty will appreciate the journey by car.

Lovers of automotive and travel, may embark on a journey with own car or use the rentals.

Driving your own car abroad

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Traveling abroad requires a proper preparation, especially if we go in there by car. Therefore, must remember about examining the technical condition of the vehicle, the exact planning of a route including stops to rest, the validity of all documents and surveys, as well as insurance.

A national insurance policy is respected in most European countries, but always before departure, it is necessary to verify what documents may be needed in the country of destination. It may also be required:

  • Green Card – the International Certificate of Insurance that will protect against liability for damages caused to other road users outside the country,
  • Insurance Assistance Abroad – provides extra help on the road, when there are unforeseen situations,
  • Assistance for short-term – allows for enhanced protection at the time of departure.

It is also useful to have an additional travel insurance, current technical inspection of the vehicle, and the appropriate tabs, tolls, and permits.

Travelling abroad by rented car

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A rental car abroad means independence and comfort.We save time – to the place we get on a plane flight, and then we’re mobile on the spot. That way allows us to explore the fascinating sites freely, take breaks when we need it, and also, this is an invaluable way for trips with children.

About the arrange car rental you should think before the flight if you know your destination, and have the tickets in hand:

  • It is worth get an idea of whether a country is practiced renting a car – especially if you are going outside Europe such as to Cambodia and Indonesia.
  • Remember to check the contents of the price! Not infrequently many additional costs must be taken into account. It is often necessary to take out extra insurance – works best a full insurance – which protects against high costs, such as when someone hits the car in the parking lot.
  • Review the terms of the tenancy – often, the deposit is charged which may be approximately 100 to 400 Euro, but also more.
  • Find out if there are any limits on the predicted mileage – better choose the offer without restrictions.
  • If you want to leave the country for example when you want to explore the surrounding area, find out if you may exit the vehicle abroad.
  • Before receiving the car, be sure to watch it carefully – make sure that indicated what is the state – the same applies to the counter and fuel! Also, check all the functions – as that is when is the time for questions.
  • Most often we get a car with a full tank ( a full tank is required upon return), plus it is worth remembering about the spare tire.
  • Before returning the car (before the flight), be sure to refueling and washing the car – otherwise, you’ll have to pay extra when returning the keys.
  • Before you go, plan your route and see where you can return a rental car – often leaving the vehicle in another city or at the airport before the flight Means additional costs, so you should know the conditions. You can order option with the delivery of the car at the airport by rental service.
  • It is worth get an idea of what are the rental prices and availability of vehicles on the spot – sometimes worthwhile to reserve a car in advance. Prices per day car rental can range from 10 Euros upwards, depending on the type of car.
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