What you need to know about Schengen visa

What you need to know about Schengen visa

The citizens of non-European countries who wish to travel to countries located in the Schengen area are obliged to apply for a visa. Depending on its type, they may allow for a single border crossing, multiple entries or valid for a longer period of time permission, allowing to stay for a few months.

Several visa issues that are worth to pay attention:

  • Traveling as a tourist or in order to visit relatives or friends living in the Schengen area requires a visa type C, the so-called short-term (it covers the time up to 90 days over the next 180).
  • For a visa for the Schengen area, you can also apply at the embassy of the country (located in the zone) other than the one to which you plan to travel. It is important, however, in this case, to have proof of residence in the country to which you bring about the visa. A perfect solution is a reservation of hotel and flight ticket otherwise, in a case of absence of such assurances the decision for an appropriate visa can be a refusal.
  • After obtaining the appropriate visa, do not cancel your bookings and flight tickets to the country on behalf of which, you acquire a document, as in this case, a visa may be canceled. Sometimes Embassy verifies the previously submitted documents and the fact of the existing hotel bookings and flights.The best solution is, therefore, to make reservations on the cheapest possible cost. It provides a kind of assurance that your only loss will be the minimal costs of booking and thus you will avoid visa problems while traveling.
  • By obtaining a multiple visa of type C, it is worth to take the first trip in accordance with the declared journey plan. Such a course of travel gives the future ones, will bring positive decisions on subsequent trips, and you will not have to worry about additional justification.

Travelling and associated formalities must not, therefore, be difficult – the most important are the appropriate approach and good will!

More formal details available here: schengenvisainfo.com


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